Rolling Reflections

Last night was nogi and I must say I had quite a bit of fun. Gi is my personal favorite, but I still do nogi as well. In the past I’ve been worse at nogi than gi. I don’t know why, but I just seem to pick up gi techniques better.

I realized, while reflecting on my rolls last night, as compared to in the past, that I had previously been a little to aggressive with my offense when doing nogi. I was thinking of passing or submitting, instead of also being aware that I could get swept or submitted. Last night I was actually keeping both sides of the coin in mind and my rolls ended up being much better. Not to say I didn’t get submitted, but it was less often as I was defending against anything coming, instead of just getting caught immediately.

Hopefully I can keep that mind.

Last night we covered the basic, standing guillotine defense. Secure the wrist, turn your head toward and up into the arm pit, then wrap your arm over their opposite shoulder as you step beside them and bump the back of their leg with your knee to take them down. You then land in side control and pop your head out of the guillotine. Make sure to use some pressure on their neck by cross facing.

Then we drilled going right to knee-on-belly after landing in side control and followed up with two different finishes, specifically the kimura (already have control of the wrist) and the armbar from knee-on-belly.

Overall, it was a great class.


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