Rolling Reflections & Blue Belt

To my total and utter surprise last night I received my blue belt from Tim Mannon and Justin Chong! I had a hard roll with Jon who is an extremely tough purple (combined his many years of wrestling seamlessly with his BJJ technique) and at the end of the roll I started getting whipped with the blue belt by Justin! It was awesome, exciting, and hilarious (cause Justin loved whipping me with the belt) at the same time. Many thanks to Tim Mannon, Justin Chong and Andrew Culhane, as they all taught me a lot! The belt was a little short, so I’m going to be getting a higher quality one, since I know it takes a good, long while to get to purple. I figure I should have a nice belt that’ll last me.

Anyway, onto rolling. Rolling last night was great! After getting my blue, it was weird. I started realizing things and I think I had even more confidence in myself. One thing I realized that I really started hitting consistently was a detail on the scissor sweep. Instead of sitting on my butt and putting my feet on their thighs while getting my grips, I realized if I stayed on my knees, got my grips, then popped right to the sweep it would work way better! I think it’s because if I have my feet on their thighs they try to get them off before I can even fully get my grips. If I get my grips first I can just pop right into the sweep and kick one of their legs out to finish it.

The technique we went over tonight was an awesome half guard sweep that I’ll definitely be implementing into my game. You go in for the Old School sweep, but you can’t get it, because they know what you’re going to try and do. With the arm under the knee, grab their belt or anything else you can get a hold of. With the other arm, which is around them, grab their belt too. Make sure your in nice and tight, like you always should be in half guard. Remember, it’s either all the way out or all the way in. Pull them back onto you so that your hips are now pointing at the ceiling. Hook their leg in your half guard with the foot that’s on the side of the direction you’re sweeping. Interesting detail, your foot needs to be at their knee or higher to effectively sweep, so if it isn’t, just walk you foot up using both feet. Now, shift your hips so that they fall into the hole you leave behind, keep the hook to keep them from escaping, shift your legs quickly to have the other knee block the hip and come into side control. Another detail, don’t let them get an arm under you while moving into side control after this sweep. You can easily push your arm up and get their arm into a good, solid gift wrap position. 


2 thoughts on “Rolling Reflections & Blue Belt

    • Thanks! I will make sure I use those superpowers as much as possible. I ordered a War blue belt. It was a little expensive, but I figure I’m gonna have it a long, long time. So, I got something that would last and would be high quality.

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