Class & Working the Toreando/Bull Fighter Pass

My wife let me go to class Monday night, even though we just recently had a baby (and by recently, I mean last Wednesday). Everything with the baby has gone great and it really hasn’t been hard on us at all, which is why I think it was fine with her that I go. Anyway, we had a good number of people at class (13 or so) and we started warming up doing armbars from the guard. After drilling arm bars for a good amount of time, we then added in the basic arm bar defense for the person getting armbarred. It’s the stack, lawnmower pull, and then pass defense. Here’s a video:

We did have a slightly different detail on the pass. Once you get the arm being armbarred out, instead of taking your other arm out (the one that is gripping the pant leg) you keep it there. You pass by keeping pressure on the legs with your chest, sprawling out and then walking towards their head. By keeping the grip on the pant with your arm cupping their one leg, it makes it impossible for them to shrimp and hip back in. If you have good pressure it also makes it practically impossible for them to get their leg back over your head to triangle you. Everything else is the same as the video above. It’s very basic, but basics are great to drill. I also received some gi burn on my face from doing it so much, which is fun. Tim then had to leave, so Justin gave us a couple of other details that mostly included making the other person even more uncomfortable than they already were.

We then rolled six rounds, three minutes each with a minute rest in between. It was crazy, but everyone seemed to be dropping like flies. By the time we were on the sixth round, instead of having 13 people, we had 8 people left, and that included Justin (so 7 of the 13).

Anyway, I’ve recently been working on my passing game and I’ve decided to take down one pass at a time. After looking at many passes and trying many in class, I’ve noticed that it’s easier for me to pass standing up. I’d seen several people, especially Andre Galvao (one of my favorite BJJ competitors), do the Toreando/Bull Fighter pass in competition footage and it seemed as though it would be a good pass for my body type, so that’s what I’ve been working on. Here’s two videos on the pass from Andre Galvao and Demian Maia:

I’ve hit the pass several times, but I’ve been forgetting the important detail of having your pressure on your hands and your head, which should be under their chin. When I’ve tried to do it either a) their hips are to mobile, because I’m not putting enough pressure on my hands or b) they sit up and scoot back, because I haven’t flattened them out with my head under their chin.

When I’m trying to absorb a technique I usually watch it over and over, but I’ve been so busy that I only watched the Andre Galvao video above, two or three times. I’ve now got it on my iPod and will be watching it frequently. Hopefully I remember the pressure and am able to start working the pass better.



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