Getting Ready for Class

I always have a preparing time the day I’m going to class. I make sure to go over any plans or notes I’ve studied during the week and try to really embed them into my mind. This is the time I unify all of my thoughts and hopefully go to class with a clear goal in mind. This week, it’s rather simple. I’m going to work on passing; specifically, I’m going to keep working on the Toreando/Bull Fighter pass. Things I need to remember:

1. Put the leg opposite of the side your passing back and away so that it can’t be hooked. And remember, it’s okay to stand-up! For some reason I feel awkward doing so.

2. In order to pass the person needs to be on their back. They cannot sit-up! I need to remember to place my head under their chin, directly in the center of their chest, and flatten them out.

3. When I’ve passed the legs, I need to block their hip, but I can’t block their hip by turning my hips to the side to the side, as that could give up my back. Instead I need to pressure down with my hips.

4. The hand with the pant grip needs to shove all the way through and past me and stay there, until I’ve blocked the hip and fully passed.

As long as I keep those things in mind, I’ll hopefully be rather successful with the Toreando/Bull Fighter pass. I’m also hoping my analysis of things I need to fix is complete. Anyway, I’ll of course post about class and what happened either later tonight or tomorrow.



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