Stuff I’m Hopefully Buying

I recently posted some stuff I no longer need on eBay and I hope to get some good money out of it. I posted so much stuff that I should be able to get a new gi and still have $200 left over! Anyway, I recently bought a War Kimonos blue belt.

Which, I’ll hopefully be receiving in the mail at the end of this week or next week. The gi I’m looking at is Ctrl Industries “The Rook”.

I think it’s a really nice looking gi and the reviews have said it is a top quality kimono. I like clean lined gis with a nice design. I’m not a big fan of the look brands like Gameness, Breakpoint or Bull Terrier put out. “The Rook” is out of stock right now, but I heard from a guy over at Ctrl Industries that they’ll be getting some in sometime within the next six weeks and I’m hoping to pounce on one!

If I do manage to get my hands on one, then I’ll put a review and I’ll also put up a review of the War Kimono belt.


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