Class Update

So, last night, as I stated, I wanted to concentrate on passing. Well, ends up that we worked the Gracie Gift Pass almost all class. Leslie typed up the information on the pass, which can be seen HERE.

I had said I was going to work on the Toreando/Bull Fighter pass, and even though we drilled the Gracie Gift Pass during class, I got to work on the Toreando during our warm-up roll at the beginning of class. I was only able to attempt it three times, because my first warm-up roll was with Tim (which was surprisingly the first time I’ve rolled with him, I’ve rolled with Justin tons, but never Tim) and Tim was using the Gracie Gift Pass to see if that’s what he wanted to go over in class. So, obviously my wanting to even attempt to pass didn’t happen. Anyway, out of my three attempts I only achieved it once.

I decided to go over the points I listed yesterday and see how I did. Original points are italicized and what I did last night is bolded.

1. Put the leg opposite of the side your passing back and away so that it can’t be hooked. And remember, it’s okay to stand-up! For some reason I feel awkward doing so.

Okay, even though this was the first thing, I for some reason completely forgot about it. I realized this the second time I failed at the pass, because my leg got hooked. I apparently need to beat this point into my head! I also need to study the video of Andre Galvao and see what kind of stance he’s taking before getting his grips. I don’t really remember how he stopped them from hooking at that point. It’s amazing how much goes into one technique.

2. In order to pass the person needs to be on their back. They cannot sit-up! I need to remember to place my head under their chin, directly in the center of their chest, and flatten them out.

This point I actually remembered and did rather well. I feel like I still need more pressure on my hands and head, but I did much better with this point. One thing I noticed when watching the video of Andre Galvao is that he did the pass in two ways at the same time. He didn’t run around the legs as he held them in place and he didn’t use his grips to just pull the legs past him. He ran around the legs and used his grips to pull, so it looks much more fluid. Need to keep that in mind.

3. When I’ve passed the legs, I need to block their hip, but I can’t block their hip by turning my hips to the side, as that could give up my back. Instead I need to pressure down with my hips.

I did this point rather well also. I was never in danger of getting my back taken at this point and I was able to keep my hip pressure down so that my opponent couldn’t hip back into me.

4. The hand with the pant grip needs to shove all the way through and past me and stay there, until I’ve blocked the hip and fully passed.

On this point, I failed a little. I did push the pant gripped hand through, but I just didn’t do it enough. I really need to put a little more force into pushing it through, to make sure it stays there.

Anyway, I’ll keep working on this pass and I’m going to start really working on the Gracie Gift Pass as well. We did positional sparring at the end of class where one person was on top in guard and had to pass, the other was on the bottom in guard and had to submit or sweep. In top I was actually able to do the Gracie Gift Pass and complete it, even though we just went over it. Tim also says it’s a solid pass, if you do it right. Seems like a good thing for me to add to me very small arsenal of passes.


2 thoughts on “Class Update

  1. Isn’t it crazy how you can be absolutely positive that you know a move, only to find out that you’re doing some parts of it entirely incorrectly and/or that it’s just one or two small details that are throwing the whole thing off?

    • Yeah, it’s amazing how every detail has to work together precisely. I mean, I’ve always had a lot of respect for BBs, but the farther I go into BJJ the more respect I have for them, because I realize more and more about how precise their technique is.

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