Class on Friday – 2/17/12

It’s taken me a while to get around to writing this, as I’ve been extremely busy. Anyway, class Friday night was great! Jacob, my younger brother, came to class with me. I had told him to bring some shorts, so he could roll too, but he forgot. So, instead he just watched. Even though he just watched he said he really enjoyed it and thought it was cool. The rest of my family (my parents, sister, and brothers) do karate and often make fun of me because they see BJJ as rolling around on the ground with a bunch of men. Hopefully they’ll begin to see how awesome it is.

Anyway, not a huge class, but not a small one either, especially for a Friday night, since a lot of the students are college students as well. We had seven, plus Tim, Justin and Andrew. We warmed up pretty good, then went into working the same butterfly sweep we worked last Friday.

Butterfly sweep sequence: You’re sitting up with them in your butterfly guard. Go over/under, gable-gripping your hands behind the shoulder blade where you have the underhook; pull in on that shoulder blade to compress all the space and bring your upper chest/shoulders/head in direct contact with theirs. Roll back, trying to sweep them to the overhooked side. However, they realize that their arm on that side is free, and they post. No worries — keep your grip, pinch down tight with your underhooked elbow, pop your overhooked elbow over their head, and then slide that same elbow under their chin. Keep everything upper body tight; drive your elbow towards the underhooked side while also lifting with your legs. Land in far-side knee-on-belly, but with your post leg low. Everything should still be tight with the upper body, head to the mat, and your elbow/forearm should now be making lovely pressure across their throat. (Copied from Leslie over at BJJGRRL, because she writes up things better than I do)

We also then worked any submission we wanted from the far-side knee-on-belly. I worked on the kimura, armbar, and then I worked on linking together submissions. I would clamp onto the arm, as if I was going to an armbar or kimura and pull it up to me. In doing so, I would actually lift their head off of the mat, revealing their neck, so I would sink in a guillotine. It’s a good submission chain to use, and since I like knee-on-belly, I’ll have to work it into my game.

After drilling the sweep for about 40 minutes, we then had an open sort of rolling time without any strictly timed rounds and I rolled three times. First with Andrew, which obviously means I was submitted several times by him. I then rolled with a huge guy, but I don’t actually know his name. He apparently used to be a wrestler in high school, because it took me a while to get out from under him. When I finally did get on top I moved my hips rather well and was able to pass his guard and move into knee-on-belly. I was working on him and about to go for an arm when the round was over. I then rolled with Justin, which also means I was submitted several times. Twice by guillotine, which I tried to stop, but just put myself in a worse position. Justin got into mount and pointed out that I need to use the elbow escape more than the upa roll, so I did later when he mounted me again and I was able to escape much easier. It used to seem harder to do the elbow escape, but I see now that it’s way better.

Anyway, overall it was a great class. Hopefully I’ll be going tonight, but it depends on what the weather looks like it’s going to do.


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