Exercise Balls: Getting Pressure & Balance

One year ago I weighed 260lbs, which was overweight for my height. I realized it and started to work out and eat healthy, which in turn resulted in me losing 55 lbs. With that said, when I started BJJ I began looking around for BJJ specific exercises that would give me a good cardio workout and would help my BJJ game. While searching for exercises I stumbled upon this video of Andre Galvao and Leo Vieira balancing on an exercise ball.

I then decided to research what they were doing and found out it was to help their balance. Several days later I was at Ross and found an Everlast exercise ball for $5, so I got it. I then added some balance ball work to every workout and the benefits have been tremendous! The balance I have on top feels so much better and it has also helped my pressure on top. In fact, one of the BB’s at the school I attend even commented on that, saying that I had excellent pressure and felt much heavier than I actually was.

I recommend an exercise ball and some balance training if you really want to improve your top game. With that said, here are some tips:

1. Get a burst resistant exercise ball. And pump it up all the way. A slack ball is easier to balance on. You want it to be hard to balance on.

2. Practice in a safe area. I practice on a 12x12ft. square of mats and I’ve accidentally fallen into stuff. Some good places would be a huge open room with soft carpet, some mats obviously or outside in a huge patch of soft grass.

3. Start slow. I started just balancing on my knees, using my hands on the ball to help me stabilize.

4. Build up slowly. I’ve been using a balance ball consistently 2-3 times a week for 7 months and I can’t stand on it yet. I can stand on it and use my hands, so I’m in a bear crawl position, but I can’t stand straight up.

If you start training balance with an exercise ball, let me know in the comments whether or not it helps you!



2 thoughts on “Exercise Balls: Getting Pressure & Balance

  1. Wow, that was a pretty cool video. Have you tried a BOSU balance trainer or rocker board? I think with these you could at least stand, if standing to do some of the BJJ exercises is important. These items would certainly challenge your balance, especially if you were to do some single leg stance exercises.

    • Yeah, it definitely is a cool video. I haven’t tried a BOSU balance trainer or rocker board, but standing isn’t extremely important. Laying horizontally and balancing is extremely important, as in BJJ, hip pressure and hip balance is what needs to be achieved. Thanks for commenting!

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