Class 3/1/2012

Class last night was rather good, as I seemed to be feeling it once I warmed up. We had a rather full class, meaning it was probably 13-14 students, not including Justin or Tim. We had a warm up roll and then went into working this half guard sweep:

Several students, including me, accidentally started bending the arm that hits the head, but Tim pointed out that it needs to stay straight the whole time. Afterwards, rolling was great. I was seeing a lot more submission opportunities and was able to work a triangle (didn’t finish) and several kimuras (finished them all).

I’ve noticed recently that I’m just generally not very good at full guard. I mean, I can retain it, but I can’t seem to hit many sweeps or submissions from there. However, on the flip side I’ve also noticed that I’m rather good at half guard and that I like half guard and usually end up sweeping from that position. I think it’s because I have long legs that I have trouble moving in full guard, but I tangle up my opponents in half guard. Also, I’d rather be on top controlling, so sweeping is more advantageous to me from the bottom, as the top is where I see and recognize most of my submission opportunities.

So, with that said, I recently bought Caio Terra’s 111 Half Guard Techniques and I got it yesterday. I only got to watch the introduction before class, but I’ll be studying one section each week and hopefully I’ll be able to drill some of the sweeps, etc.


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