How to Take Care of Mat Burn

I often hear people talk about mat burn and how long it takes to heal, often times because nasty things happen to the burn, for example, like it getting stuck to your sock, hitting it on things, etc. When I first began BJJ, I had this problem as well, but came up with a good method for dealing with it.

1. You should have Germ-X or Alcohol/Alcohol Wipes in your car. After training, if I have mat burn, then I apply alcohol to my mat burn. It hurts horribly, but it’s much better than getting MRSA or anything else.

2. You should have neosporin at home. After showering, I always apply some neosporin to my mat burn and let it sink into the skin. This will help it heal.

3. You’ll need some liquid bandage and a fan or blow dryer. I found that I needed a bandage on my burn, otherwise I would hit it on stuff and hurt it even more. But, bandaids wouldn’t stay on long enough and would stick like a sock. So, I used liquid bandage and it’s been amazing. I’ll take it, spray on a layer and dry it. Then I’ll put three or four more. It stays on your foot till the burn is healed, it protects your foot while it’s on, and it actually cleans your foot when applied. You can easily train with it on if you tape your foot, just for extra protection.

Follow these steps and your mat burn should heal rather quickly. For me, it usually only takes four to five days.


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