Fuji Single Weave BJJ Gi Review (White)


I’m one that likes to review things after using them for a while. An item that you herald as the greatest ever the first week you own it, could end up falling apart into a million pieces within a couple weeks. With that said, I have had my Fuji Single Weave for over 12 months and have put it through the ringer.

General Specifications (as claimed by Manufacturer)

  • Medium weight
  • Dual use – hot or cold weather
  • Strong pants
  • True BJJ cut – shorter jacket + well tapered arms
  • Intended to last for years
  • 100% cotton
  • Includes free Fuji patches
Size Chart



The jacket is well made and all the stitching is clean. The embroidery is also rather nice and it seems to be manufactured well. As was stated in the specifications, it definitely seems like a gi intended to last for years as it shows no signs of slowing down. It has reinforcements in all of the right places. The collar is actually good for a gi this price and is comparable to a Lucky gi collar.

I’m 6’1″-6’2″ and 205-210lbs. One thing I particularly don’t like is the length of the sleeves, especially since the gi top material stretches out noticeably. By the end of class the sleeves are almost covering the first base knuckle of my thumb, which is extremely annoying. Having someone grip your sleeve and your whole hand almost going into it kind of makes it hard to do things. Sure does motivate you to break grips though!

Another thing stated by the specifications was that the gi is good in dual use – for hot or cold weather. While I agree that it’s good in cold weather, I disagree that it’s good for hot weather. In the heat it’s like wearing a sauna around your body, so if you’re looking for a summer gi, go with a lighter one.

One other negative for me, about the jacket, is that the sides wrap to far and the skirt is long. With my belt on, I’d say the skirt is about 4 inches down from the bottom side of my belt, which is rather far. Also, the sides of the gi wrap around me a lot, which makes the top hotter. Each side is literally touching the other side of my body.

Side Note on Patches

Just a side note, I liked one of the patches so I had it sown onto my gi. After 9 months, even though it was sewn well, the patch started coming apart, so now I’m going to have to remove it completely.


There isn’t a whole lot to say about the pants. They are your general, run of the mill, gi pants. They have an old school drawstring and are a little baggy, but not to bad. They stretch a little, but it’s barely noticeable, as compared to the jacket stretching out. They to have good reinforcements in necessary areas, such as in the knees. But, that’s about all I can say, as they are just normal pants.

Overall Conclusion

If you’re a beginner with a tight budget or if you’re a beginner that’s unsure whether or not you’re going to continue in BJJ, this is a fantastic gi for you. It will last you for a while and it’s one of the cheapest, long lasting kimonos you can get. But, if you’re a more experienced BJJer, then this gi is probably going to have some things that annoy you. I didn’t really notice them until I became more experienced. This is definitely a white belt gi.

I’d also like to note that I did extensive research on this gi and read many reviews before buying it when I started BJJ. One thing many of the reviews said was that my gi would shrink like crazy, which ended up not happening at all for my gi. I tried to shrink it; I even washed it in hot water and dried it for an hour on high, but to no avail.

Always ask the owner of the place you’re buying your kimono from about sizes, as they’ll know better than the sizing chart. Because people were saying the gi would shrink like crazy and to get a size up, I almost got an A5, which would have been huge on me! Thankfully I asked the owner of the store I bought it from and he set me straight.


  • Good in cold weather
  • Long lasting
  • Extremely Cheap ($70-$80)
  • Good stitching and embroidery work


  • Bad in hot weather
  • Material stretches out
  • Gi doesn’t shrink well – so you can’t get a tight fit
  • Patches come apart easily

3 thoughts on “Fuji Single Weave BJJ Gi Review (White)

  1. U didnt mention what size did u take?Im 6’2” and about 195 lbs.Im thinking between size a4 and a3.Whats your oppinion?

    • Sorry about that! I got an A3 and it was actually to big for me. However, I will note that shrinkage of the gi is all over the place. After wearing and washing it in cold water after several classes I realized it was much to big and tried to wash it in hot water and dry it to shrink to a good fit, however it didn’t shrink at all. But, most people said their’s shrunk majorly when they first bought it. So, my recommendation is an A3, but that’s just based on my experience. Thanks for the question!

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