Class – 4/9/2012

Sorry I haven’t been posting much recently. I’ve been extremely busy at work with the new website and finishing up production on a DVD. So, any free time I’ve gotten during my lunch break has been devoted to watching matches and studying technique. Thankfully today I have enough time to write.

Anyway, good class last night. Got my butt beat, which is always a good thing. It’s great to be challenged! Tons of blue belts, two purple belts and two black belts make for a good class, especially when you’re the newest blue belt there. There were two white belts, but the blues out numbered everyone (I believe there were 8-10).

We started out warming up and then had a warm-up roll with Radcliffe and Brandon. Then we drilled an armbar off an arm drag from closed guard.

You’re in closed guard, do an arm drag and get a good grip behind the tricep. With your other hand (the one not holding behind the tricep), get a good cross-collar grip, in order to keep their posture down. Scoot your hips out to the side, much like a traditional arm bar, and use your forearm to push the head away to bring your leg across the face. Swizzel the arm holding the tricep out and grip your knee on the same side (example: right hand, right knee).  Now finish. Note, after you arm drag and get the grips, you basically continue as if you’re doing a traditional arm bar.

After, we had open mat and I had a good roll with Eman. I believe he wrestled in high school, because I think I heard Tim mention that once. Anyway, he has a good base and gives me a tough time when I’m on the bottom, which is great since that’s what I need to improve on. He caught me in a weird sort of kimura/americana from half guard, which revealed that I need to better keep my arms inside the ride while in half guard. I also noticed that I was waiting to much for him to make a move, instead of acting on what I wanted to do.

Overall, it was a great class and like I said at the beginning of this post, I was challenged! Which is always a good thing.


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