Update 4/24/12

Well, I haven’t posted in a while, have I? Once again, I’ve been rather busy with all sorts of stuff. I have a new project at work, I have bugs to fix on the new website at work, I have customer’s technical issues to deal with at work, we recently bought a car for an amazing price, because it was horribly dirty, so I’ve been cleaning that every day (yes, it is/was that dirty, I’ve been cleaning it for 5 days), and I’ve also been helping some friends move into their new house. So, all in all, it’s been a bit busy.

Even though I haven’t been posting, that doesn’t mean my BJJ craziness has diminished at all. It’s just gone mobile. Ha ha ha. Recently, when thinking about my game, I realized that my pressure and submissions from the top are really rather strong. Of course I’m not claiming that they’re awesome or that I’m some sort of phenom who destroys anyone when I’m on top, but that part of my game is the strongest. So, I’m going to focus on some other things I need to work on, without completely abandoning my pressure and submissions from the top. I’m still working on passing, but I feel as though my passing is getting better. Currently I’m working on the knee-slide pass and the leg drag. The guy over on the blog The Jiu Jitsu Laboratory posted this video on the leg drag, which is awesome:

I’m also working on going for more submissions from the bottom. My main goal, when on the bottom, is to sweep and get to the top. But, as I posted not long ago about chaining techniques, I realized recently that going for submissions is just as advantageous. Of course, if you are able to lock in a submission and actually submit the person, then you’ve reached your goal. I realized that just going for submissions opens people up to sweeps much more. So, now when on the bottom, here’s my thought process:

  1. Get good grips and positioning on the bottom -> attempt sweep (works)
  2. Get good grips and positioning on the bottom -> attempt sweep (fails) -> attempt a sweep chain (works)
  3. Get good grips and positioning on the bottom -> attempt sweep (fails) -> attempt a sweep chain (fails) -> attempt submission (works)
  4. Get good grips and positioning on the bottom -> attempt sweep (fails) -> attempt a sweep chain (fails) -> attempt submission (fails) -> attempt sweep (again)

If the final sweep fails, then where I am depends on what I do. If I’m in full guard, then I just continue the sequence for a second time. If I don’t catch the person, then I try to back up out of full guard and stand up again. If I’m in half guard, then instead of continuing the sequence, I work to get back to full guard and I then do the sequence from there. Of course, that’s not set in stone. If a submission presents itself anywhere in there, then I’m going to go for it. But, that’s my basic game plan from the bottom. Main goal is to sweep, but go for any submissions available.

Anyway, I also had started watching Caio Terra’s 111 Half-Guard Techniques recently, but realized that his techniques are for a smaller person, which makes sense, since he is smaller. So, I picked up Cyborg’s guard collection (since Cyborg’s size matches mine more closely) and have been focusing on his half-guard DVD, which I ripped and put on my iPod so that I can watch it anywhere. That’s why I said my craziness went mobile.

On another note, the CTRL Industries Rook gi I ordered is on it’s way and I should have it sometime in the middle of this week. So, tonight will be the last night, for a while, I wear my Fuji gi. Recently the guy from GiReviews.net posted a review on the Rook that made me really excited. He said it fit him better than any other gi he owned and from the pictures of him and his size description (6’1″, 200-210lbs), he is identical to my own size. So, needless to say, I’m very excited!

Hopefully I’ll be able to post a little more regularly soon, so that I won’t post a huge dump of information, but I can’t make any promises.


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