Update 6/12/2012

Whew! Boy, have I been busy! I’m not going to list off all of the craziness, but let’s just say that my life got even busier since the last time I posted. With that said, I’ve still been going to class and actually managed to get into class three times in one week, a week ago. Also, one of my best friends who started BJJ with me, but dropped off for financial reasons, is coming again and plans on continuing to come.

As far as my BJJ game goes, I’m still working on my half guard. I’ve learned a lot more sweeps and am happy with the progress I’m seeing. My guard is getting much harder to pass. I try any submissions I see from the bottom and am getting a good feel for the distancing needed in half guard.

I’ve also been working on my leg drag pass and am getting much better with it. I can usually get the pass after a couple of tries on more experience BJJers. I’ve also been working on another drag, the arm drag from guard, and how to get to my opponents back easier.

I’m currently working on the Team Mannon BJJ website, as we’re moving locations, and everything is coming along great. Still got some things to smooth out, but otherwise, it’s looking good.

Also, something I’m extremely excited about, I’ll be attending a Mendes Bros. seminar in Charlotte, NC in September! Can’t wait! I’ll definitely be taking my camera so that I can get some good pictures! I’m unsure as to whether or not other people from Team Mannon will be coming as well, but Andrew and Justin mentioned that they might.

Anyway, I’ll try to post more often, but I won’t make any promises! Train hard!


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