Defeatist Attitude & Perfection of Technique

Hello all! Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written. I know I always have an excuse, but they are honestly always legitimate. I recently got a new job! Yay! And it’s doing something I love: web design and graphic design. So, needless to say, that’s been taking up a majority of my time! Along with family, jiu-jitsu, working out, and the holidays. Since it’s been so long, this is basically going to be a mash-up of things that have happened and thoughts!

I went down to Georgia for two weeks of training for my new job and was thankfully able to train at an awesome gym down there! It was at Tekniques BJJ, and if you’re ever in the area, drop in! I got the first class for free and to return was fairly inexpensive. I was nervous, because it was the first academy I’ve visited, but I was surprised at how kind and chill everyone was. I went in expecting to get murdered, but they all rolled controlled and with really clean technique. It felt a lot like rolling at my home academy. I also picked up some cool techniques and got to see a completely different style of jiu-jitsu! They’re very flowing, standing guard passers, whereas most people at Team Mannon smash and pass. Overall, it was a fantastic experience! But, moving on to my thought of the night.

I know I write a lot about concepts, but I think about BJJ every day and in what ways I can improve. As I was watching a Mendes Bros. highlight, this one if you’re interested, I started thinking about perfection of technique and how I really needed to focus on it. Quick side note, big surprise to start thinking about perfection of technique while watching that video, because those transitions where crazy smooth! Anyway, what I mean is that I needed to sit down and think about techniques that had failed on me after each class.

There’s a saying I read once in reference to basketball that roughly said, “If you miss a shot, it’s no one else’s fault. You’re form was wrong. If you’re form is right, the ball will go in.” As I started thinking about perfection of jiu-jitsu technique, I realized that this same idea applied. If a tried and true jiu-jitsu technique doesn’t work for me, then I did something wrong. There’s no one else to blame.

What I’m saying is work it out. Don’t abandon the technique. I think that too often, and I’m including myself, we toss out techniques because we couldn’t get them to work the way we wanted. Go back and work it out! Maybe a step was missed. If you think, “That guy was just too strong!” Find a way around his strength. Add a step that uses leverage, timing, and balance to counteract the strength. Maybe you need to modify the technique to work for your body. Who knows!? But, you need to work it out. Don’t just toss it out the window. Perfect your technique, study your game, and fill in your holes. Even a technique you’re good at can be perfected. If you are fantastic at armlocks, but you only finish 80% of them, focus on why you don’t finish that other 20%. What’s happening? How are they escaping? How can you fix it? Study your game to improve!

I’m not big on new years resolutions and this is actually my first, but after each class, while on my way home, I’m going to record audio journals of my thoughts after class. Then I’m going to record those thoughts in a journal so that I can look over them easily. My goal is to become more analytical of my jiu-jitsu. Often times I’ve been riding back home, which is a 45 minute drive, and realized things I could have done different when a technique failed. And sadly, some of those things I’ve forgotten! Those are important breakthrough moments! Don’t lose them!

That’s my jiu-jitsu thought for tonight. Now, onto other exciting news! I recently ordered a new gi, which will hopefully be here soon. It’s a Prana Lucci. I read some reviews and it’s supposedly very comfortable and sturdy. Since my CTRL Industries Rook’s knees are shredded and my Shoyoroll Competitor is turning yellow from tons of use I needed another gi! I can’t wait for it to get here! I’ll possibly do a review of it once I receive it.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget…study your game!


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