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Q5 Labs is a company I’ve seen and heard a lot about, but I’ve never tried. So, I was fairly delighted when I was contacted by Colin of Q5 Labs to review some of their products. Note that I was not paid in any way for this review, nor am I associated with Q5 at all. All they did is send me some samples for their product and asked me to review them.

Q5 Sample Pack

I’ll be honest, it took me a while to write this review and I’m sure Colin probably thought I wasn’t going to ever post a review. Well, with things like this I like to take my time, test it out, and really see if it works. Why? So that I can give the most truthful, straightforward review possible. With that said, let’s go forward with the review.

Premium New Zealand Whey Protein

To be honest, I really haven’t used much protein. I like to eat clean and I know that many protein brands come from countries with regulations that aren’t exactly up to par. Plus, I really am not good at choking stuff down. I’ve tried protein several times and each time I spit it out everywhere and then go on to wash out my mouth for a couple hours.

When I checked in on Q5 Labs Premium New Zealand Whey Protein, I was happy to see that it’s 100% pure grassfed whey, “the cleanest whey on earth”. I want to know that what I’m putting in my body isn’t harmful, as I’m sure most people do. From Q5 Labs:

Q5 Premium Whey Protein“Amass Whey Premium is clean and pure with only 5 ingredients that you can actually understand. It tastes amazing, and delivers 21 grams of highly bio-available protein per serving. With only 120 calories and barely a single gram of sugar you’ll be getting everything your body needs and nothing it doesn’t.”

As far as taste goes, did I slurp down this protein? No. But, remember the part before where I’ve spit out every protein supplement I’ve tried? I actually didn’t spit out Q5’s chocolate or vanilla protein! Did I love drinking it? Well, no, but that’s not really the point now, is it? All in all, it wasn’t to bad and it was leaps and bounds above other brands I’ve had!

Now, let’s move onto the affects of it. Because it was a small sample, can I attest that it gave me tons of recovery and that I felt a huge difference? Not really. If I did, this reviewer wouldn’t be honest. But, you have to realize that’s not really the point. The point is that it’s protein. The difference is that it’s clean, good for your body protein. So, honestly, why get anything else? It’s your body we’re talking about here!

Warrior Purple & Warrior Green

Like the protein above, because the samples were so small I can’t really say for certain that “I felt amazing after drinking this and this stuff was the reason!” As I said above, that would make me untruthful. But, I can tell you that these products are a huge benefit. So, let’s break them down!

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Warrior Purple was the first of the “vegetabley-fruity-healthy” things I tried from Q5. We all know that dark berries are good for you! We need to eat acai, blackberries, plums, etc. The health benefits of these fruits is well known and documented! As for Warrior Green? How many times did your mother tell you to eat your vegetables!? Obviously vegetables are good for you! Since you know how good these things are for you, let’s see what they contain:

Warrior Purple

  • Blueberry
  • Blackberry
  • Black Cherries
  • Black Raspberries
  • Black Currants
  • Plums
  • Elderberries
  • Bilberries
  • Figs
  • Eggplant
  • Purple Cabbage
  • Acai
  • Camu Camu
  • Mangosteen
  • Goji

Why not go to the store and just buy all this stuff? Because we aren’t all millionaires who can spend tons of money on stuff like that. Often, with regular food, a place to live, and paying for training, we’re left without much spending money to buy a ton of expensive fruit. That’s where Warrior Purple and Warrior Green (don’t have a definitive list of what fruits and vegetables it contains, but I know it’s got tons!) comes in. To buy all of those berries and vegetables would cost a couple hundred bucks a month!

With Warrior Green and Warrior Purple, you get all of those same things for $35 per container at 30 servings. That’s a serving every day of the month at only $1.16 per day!

Now, let me note that these items are not supposed to completely replace eating actual vegetables and fruit, but they can help you get those extra nutrients at a much lower cost!

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As far as taste goes, it’s really pretty good. I mixed it with water, just because I wanted to get the full taste experience, and the flavor reminded me a lot of Koolaid. As I said before, if a ton of vegetables, fruits, and berries are something you can’t afford, this is a fantastic alternative!

Launch Fuel

To be honest, this was the thing I was most excited about, and it did not disappoint! Now, as I said in the previous sections, I received a small sample, but because this was related to energy, I was actually able to test it out and feel a difference. I also apologize I don’t have any pictures of it, but I drank it on the way to BJJ, which makes it kind of hard to take pictures of.

The Test

So, not all comparison tests are perfect, but I tried to take out any variable that I felt could cause a major difference. The reason why this review took so long was mostly because of this product. I decided to test it using Saturdays at our academy. On Saturdays we have an open mat class at 10am where everyone pretty much rolls constantly for a good hour and half doing 7-10 minute rounds with a 1 minute break.

To keep the test as fair as possible, I made sure that on Friday night I went to bed at the same time, ate the same thing for breakfast in the morning, and drank the same amount of water. Thankfully for the 3 week stretch I tested we rolled 7 minute rounds each Saturday, so I could get a good understanding of how my energy level depletes.

Saturday 1 – No Launch Fuel

On the first Saturday I rolled 8 rounds, for a total of 56 minutes of actual rolling. Near the end of the 5th round is when I started really noticing that I was beginning to feel tired and loose energy. I continued rolling, because I think it’s important to roll tired sometimes. During the rest of the day I felt a little sluggish, but not to bad at all.

Saturday 2 – Launch Fuel Day

On the second Saturday I guzzled down my bottle of launch fuel about 25 minutes from BJJ. I live 45 minutes away, so I had to do it in the car, which is why I don’t have pictures. Sorry again! On this Saturday I actually rolled 10 rounds, for a total of 70 minutes of actual rolling.

Now, I did start feeling tired and like I was loosing energy around the beginning of the 6th round. But, near the end of the 6th round I started feeling like I was gaining energy again! And it was fantastic, because it wasn’t a jittery, energy spike, it was a level, constant amount of energy. I was easily able to roll all 10 rounds, and I actually felt pretty good for the rest of day!

Saturday 3 – No Launch Fuel

So, the third and final launch fuel test. I thought it would be good to do a last test without launch fuel to make sure that it wasn’t just my cardio getting better. On this Saturday I rolling for another 8 rounds for a total of 56 minutes of actual rolling. Near the middle of the 6th round is when I really started feeling like I was loosing energy and I never got it back. I will say though, that after class I felt pretty good, so I’m not sure if that feeling from the Saturday before can be attributed to the launch fuel.

I will say, however, that during rolling with launch fuel I did get a second wind that was constant and refreshing.

The last order of business is: how did it taste? Honestly, the launch fuel was the best tasting of all the Q5 products I tried. It reminded me heavily of orange juice and was actually good! I drank it with ease.


All in all, Q5 has some great products and supplements. If you want to support a company run by a grappler that puts out clean, healthy products, then Q5 is your company! If you could only get one of their products, well, then I’d highly recommend the launch fuel. It’s pretty awesome!

Want to try out Q5’s products? Check out the links below!

Q5 Labs Website

Q5 Sample Pack (if you want to try it out first)

Q5 Launch Fuel

Q5 Premium New Zealand Whey – Chocolate

Q5 Premium New Zealand Whey – Vanilla

Q5 Warrior Purple

Q5 Warrior Green



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