Are you sore? | BJJ Training Tip

I don’t know about you, but after a good night of rolls I can be sore in the morning. When I was a whitebelt I used to just chalk it up to a sideeffect of doing BJJ, but I was wrong! There’s some stuff you can do about it that’ll make it much better for you. So, here’s my three tips for getting rid of soreness after a hard Brazilian jiu-jitsu class!

  1. STRETCH!!! It’s important to stretch and warm-up before training and most people/schools do that. But, how often do you stretch after class? It’s almost more important to stretch after, than before. So, before you leave, take some time and stretch it out. Additionally, I’ve found it’s good to stretch the morning after as well.
  2. Take your vitamins. Seriously. I’ve really felt a difference since doing this! I was getting sick all the time, because working out 3 times a week and doing BJJ 3 times a week was breaking my body down. I needed more nutrients! What vitamin do I take? I take the One-A-Day Men’s Pro Edge, which helps “meet the increased need caused by moderate to intense physical activity”. And no, they didn’t pay me for that.
  3. Enjoy a cold shower. Most people look at me like I’m crazy when I say this, but let my clarify! I’m not saying to take an ice cold shower. I’m not saying to jump straight into a cold shower either. That’s just miserable! I’m saying start your shower off lukewarm, and as you get used to the water, notch it down, bit by bit, so that by the end of your shower you’re in cold water. This really helps your body and helps the blood circulate! Plus, on a summer day it actually feels great!

Just follow those three steps and you’ll be feeling great in no time!


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