Team Mannon BJJ Video

For fun I made an “artistic” BJJ video. I think it turned out rather well. Also, funny side note, almost everyone just thought I was taking pictures while I was filming. Anyway, check it out:


Don’t Ask Ryan Hall for a Lighter!

On December 11th, 2011, Ryan Hall was enjoying dinner in the company of friends, when a man approached the table, requesting a lighter. After informing him the table was comprised of non-smokers, the man became enraged, demonstrating violent behavior and directly threatening Ryan Hall. This video displays the occurrence in its entirety, to show exactly how Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be used in self-defense as a means to control and subdue an opponent. Without a single punch thrown, the opponent is first controlled, and in a second encounter choked unconscious as a means to end the confrontation.

Xande Ribeiro – 2012 Abu Dhabi Trials (San Diego)

Last weekend was the 2012 Abu Dhabi Trials in San Diego and it was rather action packed. Xande Ribeiro ended up facing RĂ´mulo Barral in his weight division final and Andre Galvao in the absolute final. Now, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a big Andre Galvao fan. Andre has an extremely hard guard to pass and I was extremely surprised at how Xande passed it. Not taking anything away from Xande, because I know who Xande is and I know he’s one of the best in the world, but so is Galvao, so it was interesting to watch. It is good to note that Galvao did win his division, beating Clark Gracie via points from a pass. Anyway, below is a highlight of Xande’s exploits, enjoy!

Hard Work = Success

There’s no doubt that the guys from Atos are some of the most accomplished champions in the world, especially with people like Andre Galvao, Rafa Mendes, Bruno Frazatto, Guilherme Mendes, Gilbert Burns and Mike Fowler in their ranks. Atos competitors have been winning all over the place and many have said it’s because of their hard work and conditioning. Hopefully, the video below will inspire you, as it did me, to go train!